International Law

International Law School is focused on recent developments in the field of International Law, and guide students through the central debates within the sphere.
International Law School is aimed at gap year students, current undergraduates and any other adult learners who wish to expand their understanding of International Law with like-minded peers from all over the world. It is also suitable for students interested in topics adjacent to Law; for instance, for students of Politics, International Relations or History, or those who are interested in working in law enforcement, international organizations, local government or the Civil Service.
Prior legal training is not required, as all the necessary concepts will be covered during this intensive course.

• International Human Rights Law
• International Enviromental Law
• IT & IP Law
• International Economic Law
• International Criminal Law

Course format

The course will be taught using a combination of lectures, workshops, tutorials, with discussion groups based on current issues and debates in international relations as well as moot courts.

Dates: July, 14 – July, 24 - July, 29**, 2020

Application deadline April, 13 2020

Tuition Fee* - 600$
Accommodation charge (3 options):
200$ - in the hotel (no meals)
350$ - in the hotel (including three meals a day)
400$ - staying with host Russian family (including two meals a day)
Additional program**- 350$

* Tuition fee covers teaching costs, study materials, city tour, extracurricular activities (visits to museums, workshops, masterclasses).
Early bird: Discount 20% off the Tuition fee for summer programs until 1st of March, 2020
Discount 5% off the Tuition fee for summer programs until 5th of April, 2020

**If you want to extend the chosen school program and visit Moscow and St. Petersburg, let us know and we will include you in the list.

11 days (base program)+5 days (additional program)

April, 13

$ 600

July, 14 – July, 24 - July, 29**, 2020


International students: