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From people around the world
Tara Roberts
Great Britain
This school is a great choice if you would like an introduction to various topics linked to building a sustainable business, and it has definitely helped me feel confident and knowledgeable in starting my own. The lecturers are all so lovely and their passion for their subjects really does show! I feel like I could go back to any of them with questions and they would happily assist, and I am glad that there was a great WhatsApp group to keep us all on track with the timetable.
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Leonardo Raúl Acosta Fuentes
It was a wonderful experience to learn about of a different point of view from one of the most important countries in the world. Learn about a culture is always important because culture is one of the main points of education and thanks to the cultural activities you get all of that knowledge and you feel like if you will be there. The topics of the international law diploma improve my skills and knowledge about what’s happening in the world and in the actual context.
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Nathalie Vilchis Lagunes
I learned about technology apply in the aerospace industry, different types of manufacturing techniques, it's advantages and disadvantages. I enjoyed learning about the history of Russian technology and how Samara became the aerospace capital of Russia. I put into practice my knowledge by manufacturing a metal piece at the lab. You get to know Samara city while learning about topics you enjoy, I made new friends from different parts of the world
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Fernando Barbosa
I guess that the greatest thing from the course was that it presented the technologies in a simple and easily approachable way. This is a very important aspect because it allows us to apply the knowledge in any area we wish. The cultural program was far beyond my expectations and was developed with a high quality and compromise. It has presented me a completely different Russia made by amazing people!
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Pengfei Xie
I used to feel nervous and uneasy when I couldn't express my ideas correctly. After two weeks of training, I think the biggest gain is not the improvement of language level and grammar ability, but the ability to use language appropriately and adapt to changes. This is a very warm team, leaving us an unforgettable learning experience.
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Enzo Zinedine Solar Godoy
Before the course I had some knowledge about space and technology for space exploration, but after I started taking the course I got a bunch of interesting information about something I enjoy. The things that most likely I'll try to see is how I can use these knew topics in my life and at work such as machining of materials or additive manufacturing. Making a piece by myself would be something I will remember. Nevertheless everything we saw is also something that I won't forget. It was a cool experience for me.
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Murcio Martinez Mizraim
This school was one of the most inclusive courses I have seen so far, I really liked the way in which every day different cultural activities were done in addition to the exhibitions on space materials, in terms of the subject, it is a topic that it draw a lot of attention to and each exponent knew how to stoke curiosity and the desire to know more about it.
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Leonie Stroebele
Russian Language and Culture International school was good! I really enjoyed the online city tours through Samara. With a local tourguide we went to all the main sites in Samara and learned about the history, geographics, and populations of the city. Thank you Katja, you've been an amazing teacher! To the team of Samara University: thank you for the good time and all the best!
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Giulio Malinverno
I really appreciated the Space Materials and Technologies course since it gave a 360° overview on current technologies used in aerospace industry, that however can be applied also in different field like automotive or oil&gas. Suggested for engineering students and young graduates but also for experienced professionals who have been away from the field for some time and thus need to review the topics.
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Darlene Scarlet Martin
First thing first, I wanted to say thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I never imagined myself doing fashion thingy because I know my level of capabilities in arts and fashion. I had a lot of fun learning about Russian cultures and language as well as Samara’s greatest achievements in rocket building. Once again, thank you so much and I hope to see you guys again! Stay safe and Я люблю тебя Samara!
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