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From people around the world
Ma Rongman
It is no exaggeration to say that the summer school at Samara University is definitely wonderful! I took part in the Russian Culture program in 2019, and this program contains various courses to help us know more about Russian language, history and culture. As for Russian language learning, which is one of the most important parts for the Russian culture learning, it is a new experience.
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Antonio Peñaloza
I have a lot of things to say. Now after taking the course, I have a thought of what to do to improve an idea, and also how I can design the base of my business in ten days. I think two weeks is not enough time, not learn what they teach you in the course but to have the whole Russian experience. Volunteers are all amazing, they bear all the things we do and took us to good places in Samara.
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Nishant Kumar Bhatnagar
I attended Samara University Summer School for the program of High Technology Management this year. It was one of the finest courses attended by me and my friends as a part of Global field studies during our MBA course at IIT Delhi. I would like to make special thanks to their Management, Volunteer and Faculty Team for love and care they showed to us.
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Dinol Shrestha
I am extremely delighted to write my reflection of Summer School hosted by Samara University. Samara located in the banks of mighty Volga is not only synonym to beautiful and amazing but is in fact, an integral part of Russian culture and history. I managed to enroll and complete two courses in Robotics and HTM. Having already travelled 4 continents, I can attest that Samara and Samara University will hold a special place in your heart.
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Dhruv Sojitra
I would like to recommend summer school of Robotics and Mechatronics at Samara University to each and every robotic enthusiast. It will hike knowledge and enthusiasm about robotics under cool professor and mates. You will visit some historic places which you have only seen in your text books before. I enjoyed a lot. I met lot of new people; I made lot of lifelong friends. If someone is reading this from India I would say do not think too much just apply…
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Miriam Bonnet
Robotics and Mechatronics school offered by Samara University was an awesome experience. I would totally recommend it to any student who is looking for a nice equilibrium between having a fun and learning. The volunteers, lecturers, people from the robotics club, organisers, participants were so open and enthusiastic that I loved building a robot in Samara as much as visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg.
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Eduardo Calvo
The classes were good for the most part, a few of them were very engaging. The activities apart from the academic stuff were a ton of fun, super memorable and pretty interesting. Trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg was particularly amazing. Overall the entire thing felt pretty organized from day to day, although I remember sometimes feeling confused as to what was supposed to happen the next day but everything seemed to work out.
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Snigdh Singh
I attended the High Technology Management School at Samara University during June-July 2019. I got to know about the various topics of management and got the chance to see some really beautiful aircraft laboratories and museums. I also travelled to Moscow and St.Petersburg and it was worthwhile. I’m still in touch with all the participants and the people of the University. It was really amazing and unforgettable experience.
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Siwakorn Vilaivong
I visited Russia few years earlier and had been looking for a chance to come back since then and this summer school serves as a perfect opportunity to return. Honestly, I didn’t know this city existed at all until I heard about it, here in Samara. In addition to Samara, there is also a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now I can read Russian, cook Russian food, and now I’m eager to pursue master degree in Samara University.
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Nasim Tohidi
Thanks to HTM summer school and all the contributors and volunteers. I really enjoyed this summer program. I learned a lot around high technology management and I could visit some factories and labs in Samara. During the days I was in Russia, I got the chance to meet new friends from different countries, also to experience Russian culture.
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